We work with fast-growing startups and industry leaders to create the platforms and services that impact millions of users every day. Our goal is to elevate and accelerate businesses — that's what our name stands for.





up, upwards, towards a higher place or position, to the top

Based in Munich.


Serving clients worldwide.

  • London +1h
  • New York +6h
  • San Francisco +9h
  • Tel Aviv -1h
  • Dubai -3h
  • Melbourne -10h


Experts in our field

We are a bunch of passionate people. Strategists, researchers, designers, engineers, product owners and digital marketers dedicated to creating exceptional digital products and user experiences. You've seen the work of our experts out there.

Members of our team have worked with brands such as



What we do

As a strategic partner, we support our clients at all stages of their product lifecycle. Our experts are constantly striving to add business value and always focussed on real-world results.

Bring your vision to life through brand and product strategy, with a clear go-to-market strategy and digital roadmap.
Some of the services we offer:
  • Product Strategy
  • Design Strategy
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Digital Transformation
  • Market Analysis
Experience Design
From MVP to full digital product, we'll create a standout, user-centric experience that'll delight your customers from the start.
Some of the services we offer:
  • Product Design (UI/UX)
  • Design Systems
  • User Research
  • User Testing
  • Prototyping
  • Design Sprints
Development & Engineering
Using an agile approach, our engineers bring things to life: high-performing digital products that can be maintained, optimized and scaled appropiately.
Some of the services we offer:
  • Web and Software Development
  • CMS implementation
  • API and Systems Integration
  • Tracking Implementation
  • DevOps & Inftrastructure
Optimization & Performance
Using an iterative approach backed up by data and insights, we drive continuous improvement across your digital estate.
Some of the services we offer:
  • Data Analytics
  • User Testing
  • Implementation of Best Practices
  • CRO & LPO
  • Growth Hacking

Typical issues our clients struggle with


How might we

increase online sales retention?

We can't do it

because we don't know where to begin.

How might we

better understand the needs and expectations of our users?

We can't do it

because we would need a dedicated team for it.

How might we

align our strategy with our business goals?

We can't do it

because we are struggling to prioritize.

How might we

build a better user experience?

We can't do it

because we need a fresh, non-biased view on things.

How might we

focus on what's important to our users?

We can't do it

because we don't really know what users want.

How might we

gain a competitive advantage?

We can't do it

because we aren't able to deliver results quick enough.

How might we

build better platforms or services quicker?

We can't do it

because we don't have enough qualified people.

How might we

align all teams to build a cohesive UX?

We can't do it

because we have already tried everything and nothing has worked.


How we help our clients

We strongly believe every client's circumstances are unique. That's why we don’t do one-size-fits-all. We are 100% flexible, we adapt, we offer each client what works best for them.


Interim Experts

Struggling with capacity or expertise to accomplish your initiatives? Need an (interim) expert to fill in a gap?

Borrow one of our experts to work fully integrated in your in-house team.

• Strategist
• UX Researcher
• Product Designer
• Product Owner / Manager
• Developer / Engineer
• Digital Marketing Expert
• Analytics Expert
• SEO Expert

Full Execution

Looking to maximize your ROI? Determined to optimize time and cost efficiency?

Outsource your entire project and let us figure it out for you.

Work with a team of world-class professionals with a track record in developing complex digital projects for the most interesting players!

• Leverage a whole team of experts
• Engage in a strategic partnership
• Start delivering value asap

We are commited to your success.


Trapped in a hamster wheel? Having a hard time prioritizing or creating value quick enough?

We'd love to free your team from that burden.

• Coaching
• Design Sprints

• Workshops & Bootcamps
• Sparring Partners / Critique Sessions


Frequently asked questions

From our people to our process. We address FAQs to eliminate the guesswork and make the buying process smoother. Choosing a strategic partner is a big decision, and we aim to provide you with the answers you need.

How many people will be working on our account?
That depends on the project and on the contracted modality. If you book us to fully execute your project, we typically will have 5-10 people involved. From the project manager or the workshop facilitator to the researcher, the designer or the developers — all from one hand. Other talent is brought in if we need expertise in a certain area or if we are creating assets such as photography, video, 3D or illustration.
How do you manage client communication and collaboration?
We use a variety of cloud tools for simple and effective collaboration, project management and collaboration. Design systems, layouts and prototypes are typically built in Figma. We also use your go-to tools, if that is of an advantage to the project and to our collaboration with you. But don't think it's all through a screen with us: we also like to meet our clients face to face, especially for workshops.
Is strategy needed for all projects?
Yes! Strategy is the core of everything we do. All of our client engagements start with strategy. Why? Because without the big picture, our work falls short and lacks substance. Operational decisions, creative performance, and value creation are in direct relation to the strategy we choose to follow. Understanding the situation, identifying challenges and defining goals are crucial, otherwise our collaboration may not help you solve deeper business challenges.
How do I know you have relevant experience in my industry?
After 20+ years, we have worked in categtories such as e-commerce, SaaS, sports, entertainment, automotive, tech, fashion, internet service providers, insurtech...
Some people think they need to hire someone who has already done the same thing at another company. We rather see them missing an opportunity to bring in a fresh pair of eyes. We see an advantage where others may see a lack of thereof. Why? Because real users don't visit websites of a certain category only. They are on Netflix, Amazon, Zalando, eBay, or LinkedIn, they read the news online, they use their banking app, they buy groceries, they order a taxi... digital context is key. Our expertise is rooted in pattern recognition across categories. This doesn't mean we don't innovate, but in cases where we've solved similar problems repeatedly, our approach enables us to synthesize and solve your problems with high confidence.
What do you require before starting a project?
We will require a signed proposal and a signed Master Services Agreement. Depending on the nature of your project, we may also require the payment of a deposit or a setup fee to commence work.